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Blokss Operational Service & Support employs operational coaches to optimize processes and production.


With our powerful Blokss modules, we can deliver the perfect packages for your company. If you have any questions, or if you require more information about our services,  feel  free to arrange an appointment with one of our employees.


Interim work forces are more than a temporary solution for understaffing. They are the driving force for strategic change, crisis management or implementation.


Blokss Operational Service & Support is an initiative that has been launched in January 2005 to provide training and consultancy in the areas of process and production optimization, by using techniques and methods that are mainly based on TPM and Lean manufacturing.
Recently we decided that it was time for an essential change in our company and we started to focus on the role of the employee in a company, rather than at the program an organization or our company offers to them.
We have made some substantial changes to our company by saying farewell to ‘traditional’ consultants and replacing them with ‘operational coaches’.
We have not only changed our name, but we have also changed the tasks of our employees; it is not only about telling and advising people what to do, but more importantly it is about coaching.
The most important factor on the road to success are the people that are involved in the process and production.
We still religiously maintain our belief in process and production optimization programs, but we have drastically changed our approach. When we receive a question of a potential client, it is usually aimed at methods such as workplace-organization (5-S), Autonomous Maintenance, Focused Improvement in teams, Kaizen etc.
But they often seem to neglect the question of why these programs are not sustainably employed within their organization and if we can help them.
These questions however, are the main key to successful change. In order for such change to take effective place, the management of an organization has to be willing to show its vulnerabilities; in practice, this is hardly ever what happens.
Often their response is that it is obvious what is going wrong on the work floor, but in fact the origin of the problems are not so much on the surface; there are always deeper layers attached to it.
We aim to delve deeper into these ‘invisible’ problems by focusing on People, Management and Methods.


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